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Astana, Orlykol street,
building 4, office 208, 210, 211
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Astana, Orlykol st., building 4,
office 208, 210, 211 (Technopark area)
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Our company is a reliable supplier of rolled metal products in Astana.

It is believed that the larger the company, the more reliable and practical it is. In fact, this is not entirely true, the size of the company does not affect the quality of the services provided. Often, large companies have their own "blunders", for example, an intern who does not have the proper work experience and also does not know their products may answer your call, and in such firms there is often a queue, which is not very convenient for the buyer, and thirdly, they already have their own client base, which results in the loss of an individual approach to each client. By purchasing our products, you win in all these provisions.

We employ people who know their work and products. We try to explain as clearly as possible and help you make the right choice. Our loading is carried out by an experienced team of slingers using a remote-controlled crane, which leads to efficient work and rare queues. We appreciate your time. We are not a large company, which is why every client is important to us. Once a customer, forever a customer We hope for mutual cooperation!

You can buy rolled metal wholesale from us with a guarantee from manufacturers. Since metal is a commodity of the “commodity” category, its quality is the same for all manufacturers on average, and we have all the necessary certificates. In the case of metal-roll processing according to the customer's drawings, we check the quality of the metal together with the customer before processing.

We know our work and products very well.
Prompt loading of products without queues.
We will explain and help you choose the right product.
We value every order and client.
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